First Chapter


2 Responses to First Chapter

  1. Loren Chen says:

    This book really hits at the crux of this issue. I have always felt that women are still being oppressed, and this just strengthened my view. Women should be treated as equals as men. Keep on reading this book, for I have enjoyed it so far.

  2. Ravi Durga says:

    When i started reading this book, I immediately thought of something my High School AP World teacher told me: “Religion is spread by women. The women hear of it and as a result use that knowledge to raise the children. Because of this religions like Christianity and Islam have risen as the world’s dominant religions.” What Loren says is true, but my question and challenge to other men is how to change that? I mean think about it, would you beat your own mother? Honestly I feel that education is the primary way to make a change in long term treatment of women. Not only is it more likely to empower women, but also gives men a greater perspective of the world and a greater perspective of their own religion/lifestyle. After all, many of the world’s major religions are NOT misogynistic in nature.

    If you haven’t started reading this book, start. If you have, make sure you finish it. I like to think of myself as a globally aware person, but this book has really opened my eyes to the true injustices that many of us think are extinct. It is not that long, and gives a great moral and economic argument for the empowerment of women. Enjoy!

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