Congratulations to our winners!

Welcome to GW and your first day of classes.  I hope everyone enjoyed Freshman Convocation and Fresh on the Yard yesterday.

Since the class of 2014 now finds itself in the same place at the same time, this will be the last post for this Half the Sky blog.  I hope you’ll continue to talk amongst yourselves about the book, talk to your GPS guides and participate in the First Chapter activities as they happen.

Big congratulations to the winners of the First Chapter response contest who were announced yesterday at Convocation.  Their names are posted below:

Tigan Woolson
Madeleine Livingston
Amanda Dudley
Kirstie Espiritu
Mary Elizabeth Hall
Monica Mehta
Ricca Prasad
Richard Thurston
Catherine Munkittrick
Ethan Bursofsky
Jacob Itzkowitz
Marshall Kosloff
Richard Hinman
Rio Hart
Kristen Saldarini
Alon Farahan
Benjamin Krimmel
Poonam Sharma
Prayaksha Moktan
Samantha Herman
Amber Johnson
Khadija Lalani
Aishat Mustapha

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