A Reminder

This is your first chance for GW glory, so don't miss out! Start your thinking now and start your writing soon.

I know you are busy enjoying your last few weeks of freedom, fun and boardwalk fries, but let me remind you that you’ve got work to do.  No, not just picking out your new bed-in-a-bag and packing up the car, I mean writing your essay to send to the Dean of Freshmen!

To refresh your memory, the Dean of Freshmen asked you to send your reactions to Half the Sky to her by Friday, August 20th.  The best written and most interesting essays will gain glory, publication and dinner (in that order).  The winners will be announced at Freshman Convocation,  published in a special anthology of freshman writing and invited to dinner with the Dean and other special guests.

If you wondering what a winning essay looks like, check out last year’s freshman reading program blog.   All of last year’s winners are posted there with their essays about Hot, Flat and Crowded.

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