Guest Blogger: Ravi Durga

Today we have a post from incoming freshman, Ravi Durga.  Ravi is from Naperville, IL (close to Chicago) and intends to major in International Affairs with a plan to concentrate on the Middle East at the Elliot School.  Ravi loves “da cubs, da bears, da hawks, and the GW chitown crew.”   If you would like to be our next guest blogger just send an email to or leave a comment.

Any book can throw out statistics and say: look at them, now lets change something. However one of the key  things that made Half the Sky such a persuasive read for me was the fact that it goes back to what books were originally for, storytelling. Through its vivid description of the lives of girls such as Srey Rath, or Prudence the book pulls at your heart strings and not only persuades you, but morally moves you to want to take action against such abhorrent crimes against humanity.

When I finished reading this book I was in India, and trust me I looked at things differently when I was done. Normally, many of the Indians I know complain about women’s rights in the rural areas and how they are neglected. While this is very much true, they can look in front of their house and see that women are neglected rights even in urban areas. Unfortunately most of the world lives with the idea that women are objects and not actual people, and once that starts to change progress will follow. We are lucky (both men and women) that we live in a country like this where such is the status quo. Where we can afford to pay for expensive colleges and we can live very comfortably. However, we sometimes neglect to look to history and see that without the economic contributions of women, this countries industrial and economic capacity would never be what it was. Reading Half the Sky highlights all of these things, and again if you haven’t started reading it, I highly recommend that you do. I has definitely opened my eyes to the injustices billions of women still face.

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1 Response to Guest Blogger: Ravi Durga

  1. elektragw says:

    It’s nice to see a male and fellow GW classmate to publicly recognize and comment on the sexism that still exists in much of the world today. It was an eye opener for me as well.

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