Social Responsibility & Academic Opportunity at GW

We are lucky today to have the first of a 2-part guest post from Peter Konwerski, Ed.D,  Senior Associate Vice President & Dean of Students at GW.   In addition to his administrative duties, Dr. Konwerski also teaches in the Human Services Program, Sociology Department & Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Sunday’s (July 18) Washington Post had an op-ed titled The Real Corporate Responsibility (CSR).  In it, Chrystia Freeland mentioned the “limousine of csr drives: smart, innovative, and absolutely in tune with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky zietgiest.”

That reference to our First Chapter summer reading book Half the Sky had me thinking about that type of work taking place in the GW community I have come to know in my 20 years as student, staff, and faculty member.

Having now taught for more than 15 years in GW’s Human Services Program in Columbian College, I am intimately familiar with not only the on-campus passion and motivation our students have to embark on programs that support unique, transformational models of social enterprise, but also link to GW faculty in courses and research centers like the GW Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Business School which nurture these principles.

Check back tomorrow for more from Dr. Konwerski.

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