Guest Blogger: Loren Chen

Today we have a post from incoming freshman, Loren Chen.  Loren is from Cambridge, MA and intends to major in Political Science.  If you would like to be our next guest blogger just send an email to or leave a comment.

Having read about half of the book already, I can feel the passion that the authors must have toward this topic. I am all for the righteousness of decisions, and this treatment to women really is heartbreaking. I have read Paul Farmer’s book Mountains Beyond Mountains on the fight against diseases, Jon Krakauer’s book Under the Banner of Heaven on the exposure of the real faith of Mormonism, but what Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is really innovative and worth headline news. I really admire the decision of these journalists, going out beyond the norm and doing the dirty work that the mainstream media does not cover. Gender equality may never be achieved, but this publication will definitely bring the mass attention to abortions and sexual protection. For those who have still NOT started the book, it really is a GREAT book. I have never thought about all these issues, and this issue was made important on my agenda by this book. Half The Sky is definitely a 5 star quality book, and it definitely deserves the honor by the Washington Post and much more.

GO GW!!!

Loren Chen
Go Red Sox!!

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1 Response to Guest Blogger: Loren Chen

  1. Monica Mehta says:

    I completely agree with your mention of how innovative the authors are with this novel. I have read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder as well, and although it was beautifully written, it failed to instill a drive to get up and do something. On the other hand, I was literally ready to board a flight and volunteer while I was reading Half the Sky. I am so grateful to GW for selecting this novel as our First Chapter!

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