Dateline Segment on Mukhtar Mai

Mukhtār Mā'ī (Mukhtaran Bibi)

Pages 70-79 of Half the Sky tell the story of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman who attended a court hearing on behalf of her brother who had been falsely accused on having sex with a girl from a higher status clan.  To punish her brother, the court sentenced her to be gang-raped.  Four men dragged her from into an empty stable next door and raped her repeatedly.

Acting completely contrary to cultural norms, Mukhtar went to the police and reported the rape.  Her shocking courage became world news and eventually the President of Pakistan sent her the equivalent of $8300 in compensation.   With this money, Mukhtar invested in what her village needed most – a school.

The story of Mukhtar Mai’s courage and generosity toward her village is amazing, so I was interested to find this Dateline NBC video of an interview with her.  If you’ve read the book you already know the story, but just to see her and hear her speak gives a new dimension to the book.

Mukhtar Mai on Dateline NBC

*Trying hard to embed this video, but WordPress is having none of it.  If you know what the problem is you are my new best friend  ~Robin

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