What is this all about?

So you were sitting at CI, making friends and comparing housing options, when suddenly the Dean of Freshmen recommends you read this book.  In the summer!  And this doesn’t look like your typical beach reading!  What is this all about?

Well first of all, you aren’t being asked to write a book report and none of this will go one your “permanent record.”  You are, however, being asked to read a book and reflect on it with other members of your class and the GW Community.  It is entirely possible that you will learn something, either about the world or about the people you will meet here at GW or maybe even both.

It is almost certain that reading the book and participating in the events surrounding it (including posting your comments on this fabulous blog) will help make the connections here at GW that will help you through the next 4 years and last you a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?  Get reading!

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